Everyday Use By Alice Walker Essay

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Analyzes to Everyday use by Alice Walker The arts are essential in the growing of a society. Art is the expression of the soul. An oppress soul such as Alice Walker’s soul would express her suffer through the only media of art she knew writing. In her short stories and book Ms. Walker writes about her constant struggle as a Black girl and women in a former confederate state. She grew up in Georgia, she is the youngest of eight children. Walker’s family worked in a farm, her dad sharecropped for living while her mother worked as maid. Since Georgia was under Jim Crow law, segregation in education was common thing. The landlord of the Walker’s family expected to have Alice and her sibling sharecropping like their parents. Alice mother refused and enroll her in school and subsequently to college. Alice started to write from a very early age and many of her stories reflected the struggle of the Black/ Afro American in an oppressive society. In her story Everyday use, Alice Walker takes her recurrent theme of segregation and give it another meaning. We can say it’s about the clashing of two cultures, two ideal. I believe, it about the destruction of the old black culture and the imposing of a new culture.
In the story, first we are introduced to two characters, Mama and Maggie, they both represent the old. A culture develop by the slaves, tradition who came from the first black people in America. Mama, the narrator of the story, we can tell Mama is a loving mother who do…

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