Evaluation Of The Total Quality Management Essay

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Leaders within organizations have to be attentive about how operations function to provide and produce services to the public. Even when operations are moving smoothly, evaluation of the operations’ processes has to be reviewed to assure that the Total Quality Management (TQM) is being met within the organizational goal. A tool that can assist leaders in knowing and recognizing the important aspects of managing operations in an organization is the Toyota Production System. Anita Satterlee (2013) defines the goal of Toyota Production System, “TPS is a tool to efficiently produce quality products through the elimination of waste, inconsistencies, and unreasonable requirements” (p. 225). Using the TPS allows leaders to evaluate and improve their organization’s operation by identifying critical items that affect the input or output relating to the processes. According to Ching-Chow Yang and King-Jang Yang (2013), “to implement the TPS successfully, it is necessary to integrate the so-called ‘hard side’ of the system [the technical aspects of material handling] with the ‘soft side’ of the program [the aspects associated with human factors]” (p. 450). Associating the processes and people of the organization together can assist leaders in managing and improving operations management. Leaders who can effectively evaluate their organizations’ operations with the TPS and address concerns within the processes can greatly enhance production and services that the organization…

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