Essay on Evaluation Of The Structural Family Therapy

722 Words May 8th, 2016 3 Pages

Within family counseling there has been many changes over the years to enhance the intervention and mediation sessions for families. Dr. Sue Johnson and Salvador Minuchin have provided their expertise to the field of psychotherapy by innovating the importance of family therapy as a unit, and not on an individual basis. Within this paper the opportunity to evaluate Structural Family Therapy was provided, and some of the major techniques in which therapist utilize in the process. Some of the major techniques which have been highlighted includes: joining, enactment, and structural modification.
These techniques allow families to safely follow through with the therapeutic and mediation process by evaluating patterns of behavior and past events which may have contributed to the issues at hand. It also allows each member to partake in self-reflection of how they may have contributed to the problem and what actions they can take to resolve the issue through their behaviors. Within the Structural Family Therapy individual are also taught a process of new behaviors and how to have healthy interactions with family members. We also outlined the healthy characteristics of a family system, and how certain behaviors may lead to various mental health issues within individuals who are a part of the family structure. Families are derived of various backgrounds and cultural differences which holds the importance of family structures and how they may or may not operate. It is…

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