Evaluation Of The Simulation And Management & Operation Program

2226 Words Nov 21st, 2016 9 Pages
This memo intends to provide thoughtful feedback about the simulation done in class as a part of the Management & Operation program. The instructor will share this memo with McGraw-Hill to improve and adjourn the program.
This memo is divided into two parts. The first part will specifically address the following points: 1) Overall experience with the simulation
2) Strengths of the simulation
3) Weaknesses of the simulation
4) Key opportunities to improve the simulation

In the second part of the memo I will summarize the tactics and the strategies I used in relations to: a) Bids and contracts
b) Procurement
c) Production
d) Shipping
e) Hiring and training
f) Decision support systems

In the conclusion, I will briefly summarize my experience and I will give suggestions to improve the learning process. Simulation Feedback 1) Overall experience with the simulation I had many difficulties with this assignment because I could not complete the modules successfully. The most frustrating thing is that I still do not know what I was doing wrong. I also do not know the correct way to successfully complete the modules. I tried different strategies by playing the game many times. In the end, I was satisfied because I completed all my contracts on time and I got many bids. However, no matter what I did or what I tried there was no way for me to conclude the module without a deficit of one hundred thousand dollars.…

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