Evaluation Of The Executive Team Essay

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Employee s who understand what is expected of them and receive regular feedback are more engaged and can make more informed daily decisions with their increased knowledge.
BSWH cascades company goals and allows employees to set perso nal goa ls on an annual basis.
This allows the entire organization to see where the company is going and to make sure the employee knows his/her role in helping in the achievement. This is the one thing I like the best, full transparency. The organization is aligned so that there are direct supervisors, one
over managers, two
over managers, administrators, directors, vice presidents, and presidents. There is always a chain of command but every leader is fully available to all staff. The executive teams take great pride in making sur e that the non
exempt staff is able to speak and be actively listened to.
The culture of the organization is important as we aim to cover a diverse population in our community. Since this company is one that has been built on the donations and contribut ions of the community, we like to give back by performing community service opportunities or by providing financial assistance to those that may not have qualified with other companies. There isn’t a person in the organization that can say that they don’t know where the company came from or where it is headed.
Weekly there is a leadership letter emailed out globally that provides insight on the future plans and steps that are being…

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