Banglalink Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Specially the mutual understanding of the employee with the superior. Managers do their subordinates feedback process. Company is also very much caring about their customers as we can see they have done different CSR activities. Through which they are earning customer satisfaction. Motivation - To motivate a employee Banglalink sets different tours in which the training and development programs are filled with charms and enjoyment .The primary requirement for being worker in the company is to be loyal and trustworthy at their work. It helps the employees to be self motivated. Leading - Leadership is very much important for motivating a employee. In Banglalink the managers are becoming leaders, serves as a role model and through which the employees can be motivated. Managers influence their employees with their supreme leadership quality to work efficiently. Managers give emphasize to some certain traits and characteristics. For example listening power, maturity, intelligence, integrity and honesty to effective leadership. Control - Managers take feedback from their sub-ordinates in order to control the employee management for better performance and efficient work. Feedback process is performed by managers so that the employees can work efficiently in …show more content…
So according to my view, following solutions can be followed –

Network – More antennas should be placed on certain locations. Also the poor network should be repaired by using modern technology to prevent customer embarrassment.

Market – Banglalink should continue its innovative commercials and should try for offering unique services to its customers. Also it should take necessary steps to increase market demands and availability of Banglalink packages in most places.

Unauthorized Structure – Banglalink should decrease recruiting constant employees at a time. It should follow all the recruiting rules properly to decrease chaotic environment in workplace.

Inadequate Human Resources – Recruit managers should work carefully on employee recruitment. They should study each and every applicant CVs carefully so that they can employ the right man for the right job. Also they should be careful about job requirement and qualifications of the applicants for the posts. Assigning wrong person for the wrong job might create a major problem in organization activities.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

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