Evaluation Of A Research Undertaken Essay

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1.1 Background of study
Organizations all over the world are governed by set of guidelines, principles, rules and control mechanisms. As in all business enterprises, these rules are to guide, control and monitor the operations of firms to ensure public safety and confidence. Management should therefore be future focused and it is their responsibility to put in place plans, policies and strategies as well as control measures to ensure survival and progress of their businesses.
The business environment continually throws out fresh challenges in which management must respond. To survive and prosper in this rapidly changing environment, all organizations constantly develop strategies to meet changing conditions. By whatever means strategy is developed, the long-term survival of the organization depends on the effective implementation of strategic decisions. It is therefore not surprising that, new ideas and trends keep surfacing to meet challenges. This suggests that for firms to survive there should be the implementation of strategies that are more proactive to produce successful and excellent organization.

In the implementation of such policies or strategies, there is the need for control measures to ensure that there is the achievement of set objectives through the taking of corrective actions and even if there are variances, they become very small. Such organizational controls include strategic and…

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