Evaluation Of A Class Classification Essay

1340 Words Dec 17th, 2015 null Page
We’ve had to write numerous essays throughout the duration of this semester. Some required you to recount a personal story or an event that had happened, while others revolved around a vivid description of an object or an emotion. The required readings for this semester helped a lot in providing examples of these different variations of essays. In addition to that, they assisted in supplying a base format for each piece of writing, much like a generalized outline. I’m sure that each student had their individual struggles with each essay style that was assigned during the semester, but personally I found that I floundered mostly with the paper regarding “illustration”. In contrast to this, there’s always at least one thing that we are able to excel in when compared to all the others—for me it ended up being the essay concerning “division-classification”. A division-classification essay was something that I had no idea how to go about writing. I had no prior knowledge relevant to it, and as far as I knew, had never read one in it’s format. I had to thoroughly peruse through what the difference between classification and division was, and in addition to that, I ended up scanning through some examples of each variation. Subsequently, I decided that a division essay would best fit my writing style. After I had developed some background knowledge of the format in which my essay was to be written, I began searching for an essay topic. For some reason, the idea of “love”…

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