Evaluating The Usefulness Of Evidence Essay

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Task 3 – Evaluating the Usefulness of Evidence


Throughout this semester in HLSC122, we have been exploring different ways how the inter-professional unit provides foundational knowledge and skills for ways of reflecting on and making meaning out of a range of complex information in the health care environment. The commitment of research knowledge to the provision of evidence-based health care will be evaluated. (Australian Catholic University. 2016. HLSC122 Unit Outline)

Mariana is a single mother to an 18-month old daughter and is a first year health science student at an Australian university. She is concerned that she might find it difficult to associate with other students as her priorities will be different to others. Mariana suffers from diabetes and a rare blood disorder. She has limited family support and lives in a small unit.

We have been given two papers to appraise the quality of content included in the papers and would like to know which two papers provide the most relevant to Mariana regarding stress reduction and mood improvement. It is dependent upon us to determine which paper would best suit Mariana utilizing our abilities and knowledge of evidenced- based data.

The first paper talks about how reducing emotional stress reactivity to a real-life academic examination stressor in students participating in a 20-week aerobic exercise training; a randomised controlled trial using Ambulatory Assessment. The second paper is a pilot study…

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