The Cleaner Analysis

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This movie was a very fascinating one, can’t believe this is my first time watching it. The movie “The Cleaner” is about an ex-cop who makes his living by cleaning up crime scenes. Everything seems to be going well when one day he gets a job to clean up a gruesome homicide and figures out he is being set up. The crime scene, where he cleaned up never got reported to the police and unknowingly acted as an accessory to cover it up. Which automatically makes him the prime suspect of the case. But little does he know his Ex- partner is the one framing him. At first, it seemed that the main actor Tom Cutler was a good guy but as the movie played, I slowing began to realize that there weren’t any good guys in the movie. This movie shows how corrupted …show more content…
The first charge would of course, when he entered the house without the permission of the house owners. But a B&E would be the least of his worries. The fact that he cleaned up all the blood from the crime scene, he should be charged with being an accessory to covering up a murder because he basically cleaned up a premeditated murder. Even if he didn’t do it knowingly, any altering, concealing, destroying and cleaning of evidence can be considered as tampering. Although he had managed to gather up the evidence, it wouldn’t prove that he was innocent, solely that he was there at the crime scene. He also had the opportunity to come forward and tell the truth when he found out that the wife had no idea who he was and why he was at their house but he didn’t. After the forensic search the Norcutt mansion they found several chemical cleansing agents, he lied to the two detectives when they were interrogating him and should be charged with obstruction of justice. Then while Tom investigates more into the murder, he exposes secrets from his past that may threaten his life forever. Which is why I think his next charge should conspiracy to murder and corruption. My supporting evidence to these charges are that throughout the movie Tom and his partner discussed how they were behind the stabbing in prison which caused the death of Daniel Hill. Then Tom explains to Eddie that when he

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