Evaluating The Financial Aspect Of The Seattle Children 's Hospital

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This part of the project is evaluate the financial aspect of the Seattle Children 's Hospital, the quality and ethics of the facility, the marketing strategies, how they brand their facility and community and employee involvement from the Seattle Children 's Hospital. The financial portion will cover an analysis of how the facility is reimbursed for the services, their methods of funding and any research issues. The quality and ethics portion will discuss the facility 's accreditation, awards, regulation and any ethical issues regarding who receives care at the organization.
An analysis of the reimbursement status of the state of Washington and the federal government programs such as the Medicare and Medicaid services. In Washington there was a legislation procedure that allowed for an increase in Medicaid payments for certain hospitals that have been assessed. The state of Washington 's Medicaid program pays for some of the hospital bill then the federal government matches the funds provided to the hospital by the state 's program which increases the funds received for services at the Seattle Children 's Hospital. The Seattle Children 's Hospital also receives reimbursement from state and federal programs by participating in the fee-for-service supplemental program (KPMG, 2014).
These are the insurance plans that cover the Seattle Children 's Hospital. First we will begin with Aetna, Alaska Medicaid by referrals, Amerigroup, Apple Health, Asuris, BDCT Transplant…

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