Euthanasia Should Not Be Legal Essay

1548 Words May 4th, 2015 null Page
Euthanasia is the intended killing of another person with the intention of ending an individuals suffering with their request. Euthanasia has three different decisions: Voluntary, Non-Voluntary, and Involuntary. Each of these decisions either have active or passive causes of death. Physician assisted suicide is when a physician provides the patient with the substance and/or tells them how to end their life with it. Along with giving them the substance, they are aware that the patient may commit suicide. Though they are both sound similar in that they both lead to an individual 's death. However, in euthanasia it is someone else, not the individual themselves, who ends the persons life. In physician assisted suicide it is the actual person who causes their own death, the physician only provides the substance. The debate of whether or not to allow euthanasia and/or physician assisted suicide to be legal is a difficult one. Even though they both provide an end to the suffering, it also creates a difficult problem for the medical profession because they are suppose to treat and take care of their patients as best they can. Another problem could be how society will define or use euthanasia. If it is not explained well it can be used harmfully by our medical professions as other countries have already experienced. However, some may argue that individuals have a right to decide their own death or their loved ones. To understand this difficult topic, the decisions and causes of…

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