Essay about Euthanasia: Mercy or Murder?

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According to the Collins Canadian English Dictionary euthanasia is defined as “the act of killing someone painlessly, especially to relieve his or her suffering” (2004). Not everyone agrees with this definition. I have always believed that euthanasia was the human choice of ending another person's life because of the excruciating pain they are suffering due to an incurable disease. Some disciplines think that euthanasia should never be an option no matter what the situation. While other disciplines question the validity of the actions of the person helping with the actual euthanasia. Still others support euthanasia in all forms as long as it is performed for the sake of the patient who is suffering. There are three types of …show more content…
Sue Rodriguez was suffering from a fatal neurological illness which was gradually robbing her of muscle control. Rodriguez wanted to, " able to live as long as possible and to have the option, of suicide, at a time I feel I do not want to experience any more discomfort."(“The Fight”, 2009) In other words she wanted to be in control of her life and her death, a right that all people should be granted. Rodriguez went to the courts so that she could obtain permission to exercise her right. After several appeals and the final appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, Rodriguez was not granted the right to die. Finally, on February 12, 1994, Rodriguez exercised her right to die, even though it was illegal. Rodriguez assisted by an unknown doctor and witnessed by New Democrat MP, Svend Robinson was assisted in her suicide in her home in Victoria. All people should be granted the right to die by the law. Not having the right, one's freedom of choice is infringed upon and in some cases denied. A person should have the right to die, but what if they are never fully competent to be able to form such a decision? Who has the right to say when, by whom or by what means this should be done? An example of this situation is evident in the Robert Latimer case. In this situation Tracy Latimer, Robert's daughter, had been suffering from cerebral palsy since she was born. Tracy would never learn to walk, talk or

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