Euthanasia Is The United States Of America Essay

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Life is a long, treacherous journey filled with many blessings, disappointments, surprises, and failures. Nonetheless, the only thing guaranteed in our unpredictable lives is that one day each of us will meet our death. According to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, euthanasia is “the act or practice of killing someone who is very sick or injured in order to prevent any more suffering.” Understandably, someone suffering from a terminal illness such as AIDS, cancer, or Alzheimer’s may think it best to put an end to his or her agony as soon as possible. Although many argue that there are good intentions in carrying out this mercy killing, they do not change the fact that euthanasia is murder and should remain illegal in the United States of America.
Euthanasia is categorized into two groups: active and passive. Lisa Yount explains passive euthanasia as “ceasing or not starting medical treatment that keeps a person alive,” while active euthanasia is when “someone (usually a physician) causes the death of a sick person without that person’s participation” (4). During euthanasia, the doctor administers to the patient, doses of medicines such as barbiturates and sodium thiopental, which sends the patient into cardiac arrest, then kills him or her. Candidates for euthanasia generally include persons who are expected to die from illness at some time in the near future.
Former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill declared: "Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to…

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