Euthanasia - Assisted Suicide And Euthanasia Essay

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Suicide. It’s an ugly word, a bitter word, associated with great loss and sadness. Many people see suicide as an escape, their only way to completely leave all of their struggles behind. For some individuals with terminal illnesses, however, suicide is a saving grace for them- the only way for them to die without undergoing immense suffering and pain. Such a death is commonly known as assisted suicide, where a person takes a toxic dosage of medication prescribed to them by a doctor, or euthanasia, where a doctor directly ends the person’s life. There is currently an intense debate surrounding both assisted suicide and euthanasia in Canada, however, the majority of Canadians agree that legalization is the right way to go, for a variety of reasons (Schafer 14). Making it illegal for someone to aid an individual in ending their life is an infringement on the equality rights of disabled people. As well, criminalizing assisted suicide violates the right to life for terminally ill individuals, as they have the right to choose how and when they want to die. Assisted suicide and euthanasia have also been shown to be safe and beneficial to other communities around the world, and have not led countries into corruption and despair like many people believed. Therefore, assisted suicide and euthanasia should be legalized in Canada, albeit with strict regulations, for those suffering from terminal illnesses. The criminalization of assisted suicide is a direct violation of Section 15 of…

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