Essay Euthanasi The Choice Of Euthanasia

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As Horace once said, “To save a man’s life against his will is the same as killing him” (Quotes). The wishes of dying patients should be respected, and euthanasia could help make them come true. Regarding morality, euthanasia would grant a terminally ill person the option to escape from unbearable suffering, the right to die with dignity, and the opportunity to self govern.
If a person believes that the quality of his/her existence is more important than the quantity of life, euthanasia could be a way out. To deny a patient with incurable pain the choice of euthanasia is to denounce him/her to a life of misery, according to the dependent’s preference. Therefore, voluntary euthanasia can be considered merciful in accordance with moral principles because it is patient driven. More than 80 percent of the people in Australia, where euthanasia is legal, would argue that if a patient is terminally ill and of a sound mind with no depression, he/she could choose euthanasia, and it would morally right (Swanton). Another aspect that could affect a terminally ill person’s decision is his/her family. Even though a person’s death is not the only factor that is remembered, it does play a part in the memory of that person. Few people want to be remembered or remember a family member as helpless or suffering from pain and discomfort. A medical reality reveals that 80-85 percent of people in the United States die in institutions, and 70 percent of these people make the decision…

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