European Colonial Powers Were A Product Of The European Enlightenment

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This statement claims that due to the fact that European and U.S colonial powers were a product of the European Enlightenment, they believed in the equality of all human beings. The Japanese also believed that within the spheres of race and culture, they shared these similarities with their colonized subjects. Therefore, European, U.S. and Japanese colonial endeavors were not a product of racist discrimination but a tactic developed to lift the status of women within in the areas that they colonized. I do not agree with this statement because as much as their intensions could have been to further social equality, the way in which colonial apparatuses obtained their power automatically painted the colonized body as the ‘other,’ thus inherently racializing and genderfying them. This inevitably gave the ‘white patriarchal colonial body’ all the power to position themselves against the ‘colonized other’, essentially creating a hierarchy in which all other races and genders were subjugated and located within spheres of dehumanization.

The statement emphasizes that European and U.S. colonial powers were products of the European enlightenment, and therefore their goal was to save rather than subject individuals. I would argue that their ‘savior complex’ was racist and gendered in itself, as it automatically constructed the people that they colonized as ‘the other.’ The women that they considered in need of saving were only known to be in these situations in relation to the ways…

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