Europe and Its Foreign Policy Essay

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Mariaclara Ingrid Ludovici

EU relations with the world

Nowadays, the EU has adopted a foreign policy that has been modified and improved over time thanks to a series of treaties. It has been introduced to maintain EU values, interests, independence, and integrity of the Union. EU foreign and security policy has the aim of strengthening the Union’s security by keeping peace and promoting cooperation, democracy, the rule of law, and respect for human rights. It is connected with four main aspects: trade, foreign direct investment, development, and monetary policy. Other fundamental factors related to it are the increasing process of enlargement and cooperation, and international relations. Those elements have been introduced to built
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Another important tool of EU foreign policy is its external economic policies where its trade power is seen as a method for negotiations, promising benefits, assistance, and so on. It is a way to present conditions to other countries if they are willing to access the EU market (Hay and Menon, 403). In fact, European foreign policy has really strong forces that are connected with its global economic policies. It presents four main aspects: trade, foreign direct investment, development, and monetary policy. External economic relations are built especially for trade with other countries. Except for the agriculture regime that is pretty protectionist, the EU’s trade is moved by liberal system. Also the monetary policy became really important since the advent of euro. Nowadays, this currency encompasses 12 out of 27 EU’s member states (Hay and Menon, 391-395). The EU’s approach is also bound to the promotion of its values and models abroad. However, EU foreign policy is made stronger and more effective when there is unity among its member states (Bindi).
Finally, another central role in EU foreign policy is played by the strategic partnership between the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in order to keep regional stability and peace. In particular, this cooperation has been planned for crisis management,

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