Euripides Was A Feminist Or Misogynist? Essay

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When Euripides was alive things were a lot different. For example, women played very little, if any at all, of a role in government or the military or any major institution of the time. Women had no voting rights and were therefore considered to be less valuable than their male counterparts. And that was if they were lucky. Most women were oppressed by men and lived however the men desired them to live. In his society at the time, women had a designated role and few, if any, strayed from that role. The role being the obedient housewife and not much more. It helps to understand these things when considering whether Euripides was a feminist or misogynist.
The answer to the question is he a feminist or misogynist is not a straightforward one. It is not black-and-white, it’s a little more complicated. I believe that a decent argument can be made from either side. However, one is more well-grounded than the other. Euripides is more of a misogynist than he is a feminist. He is a feminist in that he points out numerous hardships that females suffer in contemporary Greek society. This makes him more feminist, at least comparatively, because other authors and playwrights during his time generally failed to acknowledge the suffering of women, whether through ignorance of said suffering or just a lack of sympathy. Hardships such as having to live at home while the men are the ones fighting the wars. Women were not allowed in the military meaning that they had to wait…

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