Eugene Delacroix Analysis

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March 28, 2016
Paper #2 Chapters 16-19 Eugene Delcroix Eugene Delacroix paints with the realism, the influence of his work comes from his greatest idol, Michelangelo. It can be seen in the lonely figures of the Massacres at Chios along with the “Greek Families Awaiting Death or Slavery”. The bodies are painted in a traditional style, their magnitudes close to real life but slightly romanticized. The theme of the painting is based on the real life event that had occurred two years earlier to the conclusion of this works. For almost four centuries the Greeks has been under occupation by the Turks but it wasn't until 1822 that the Greeks decided to fight for freedom.
The Massacres was considered a 19th
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In the color palette he used his colors of the Massacres at Chios the figures seem very close in tone he used. The major part of the painted is covered in soft colors to suggest a dull mood. Random splashes of blood red and sky blue add highlighting and tragedy to the painting. His use of light always had was interesting to me. He has a habit of to leaving a major of his paintings in a mysterious half shadow while enlightening certain figures. Two of the assassins in his painting just to the left behind the big pile of deceased people they are hidden in a dark shadow. Their faces are hard to make out. The faces and bodies of the dead are highlighted, giving emphasis to the chaos and shock felt by the sufferers. With each brushstroke Delacroix used a quick, indistinct brushstroke, creating the impression of despair. It seems hard to believe that such a disaster could actually be a real life event. He painted the Massacre of Chios like a nightmare.
Eugene Delacroix was 26 years old when he painted the Massacres at Chios; Greek Families Awaiting Death or Slavery in 1824. By that time, he had begun to obtain notoriety as a young artist after displaying his portrait of Dante and Virgil in Hell two years earlier at a Salon in 1822. Today, Delacroix is remembered as one of the world's most important French Romantic painters and his knowledge and intellect is recognized and valued by present day art

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