Ethos, Logos, And Pathos Essay

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In many argumentative writings, all writers use different ways to persuade the readers, but they all go into three different categories. These categories are Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. Ethos is when you persuade the readers to what you believe, your credibility. Logos is when writers use facts or logic to persuade the readers, and Pathos is when they use emotion to persuade. These are all ways that writers persuade on their argumentations, they use logic, credibility, and emotions to persuade those who read their argument. First of all, Ethos is found in most of the writings of arguments, if not all. Most writers mention their beliefs when they write an argumentative, of course that have to some way give their opinion on the situation. Rachel Carson in her argumentative writing, “The Obligation to Endure”, states, “All this is not to say there is no insect problem and no need of control. I am saying, rather, that control must be geared to realities, not mythical situations, and that the methods employed must be such that they do not destroy us along with the insects”. This shows how she is giving her credibility of how insect problems should be reduced without having to hurt us humans. This is a good way to persuade us because most of us will agree since we all believe that we should not be harmed with chemical used to kill insects. Also, Logos I think is one of the best way to persuade, it is not a belief, it is facts. All writers have to give facts to help…

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