Ethnography Report : Cherokee Nation Of Oklahoma Essay

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Ethnography Report – Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
The tribe I’ll be discussing throughout my ethnography report are the Cherokee Indians. There are three sub-tribes to the Cherokee’s which are the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees. Although they all originate from the same tribe/settlement, I’m going to be discussing the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Today, this tribe of Cherokee’s live within 14 counties of Northeastern Oklahoma. The area in which they live isn’t a reserve but rather a federally-recognized, sovereign nation. As a federally-recognized, sovereign nation, they have the right to control all tribal assets. The relative geography to Northeastern Oklahoma consists of two dominant ecoregions, from the forested Ozark Mountains to their foothills. The Cherokee people first came into contact with European settlers in the 16th century and at this point, all Cherokee people were living in the Southeastern part of the United States. They have been looked at as amongst the most culturally and socially advanced Native American Tribes, as shown through their ability to avoid conflict and somewhat work with the European settlers. In 1829, the U.S. found Gold amongst the Cherokee’s land in Georgia. At this point they were forced out of their lands at bayonet point and marched 1000 miles to where they live presently, in Northeastern Oklahoma. Throughout the large movement of Cherokee Indians to their new lands in…

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