Ethnography : Cultural Norms, Beliefs, Social Structures, And Other Cultural Patterns

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Ethnography is any research project that reveals a target audience’s range of behaviors and beliefs that lead them to certain actions based environment. It references specific topics or issues where the intent is to provide a detailed, in-depth description of everyday life depending on the individual or groups circumstances. There are many characteristics of high quality Urban Ethnography. The study of ones culture is a very important tool when ethnography is taking place. This allows researchers to focus on the everyday behaviors that take place within members of a certain culture. Interactions between one culture and another play a major role as they provide researchers with evidence on how one group of people will treat their peers versus how they associates with "others". The main focus in the study of culture aspect in Ethnography is to identify cultural norms, beliefs, social structures, and other cultural patterns.
Numerous forms of research and tests would be another characteristic of Urban Ethnography. Primary sources are vital when it comes to studies. These sources provide factual information that can only be given by someone that’s present during study or time period. Written documents, surveys, researchers’ field notes, audio and video recordings are all primary sources that can enhance the quality of Urban Ethnography.
Lastly, multiple perspectives and the engagement of the ethnographic researcher are key to the development of the study. Multiple perspectives…

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