Ethnic, Cultural And Socio Economic Backgrounds Essay

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Ethnicity in Australian schools arises from the global movement of people from diverse ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. The reasons for movement vary from expatriation, refugee status, and asylum seeking, or people seeking better working and living conditions. As people move and settle in a new country, adjusting into a new environment has its challenges as they experience a change in a sense of place especially immigrants or refugees who are in detention centres for indefinite periods of time, or have temporary visas. Others experience change in a sense of identity, which is always tied to a person 's ethnic and cultural life, (Lawrence et al, 2012, p.78). As Hedges, (2012) purports, students from diverse cultures create multiple identities to suit their different environments as they shift between home culture and their new culture. Children from such cultural backgrounds require more support as they integrate in the education system of their new resident country. Some children may have varying levels of prior education, little or no knowledge of the routines of school and knowledge of English, which poses new and complex issues for teachers.
The Australian Curriculum declares a high-quality curriculum for all Australian students that promote excellence and equity in education, (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority, (ACARA, 2012)). It recognises the need for the Australian populace to nurture an appreciation of and respect for social,…

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