Ethics Is A Really Important Part Of Philosophy Essay

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Before taking this class, I didn’t really know what philosophy was. After some weeks doing discussions, reading the book and learning about ethical theories, I have a better understanding of what philosophy is. I think that it is very important for everyone because it applies to life better than any other discipline does. It explains deeply a subject that seems really banal to us and bring to light its importance. Also, philosophy helps people to think critically, use their reason to give their opinion and make people see the world in its essence. Ethics is a really important part of philosophy. Ethics is the set of guideline that defines right and wrong behaviors. It affects how people make decisions and lead their life. The study of ethics is very important for any individual because we live in society, therefore it is important for people to know what is morally right or wrong to do. In any professional field, whether it is in business, medicine or any profession where interaction with people is required, it is primordial to behave ethically. For many people, religion and Philosophy always go hand in hand. Religion is based on the idea that a divinity or a God commands to the world what is right and wrong to do. The divine command theory is the idea that actions are right or wrong because God commands them. From this affirmation arises an important question, are right actions right because God commands us to do them, or does God command them because…

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