Essay on Ethics Game Simulation Reflective Journal

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Ethics Game Simulation Reflective Journal

Ethics Game Simulation Reflective Journal

Ethics is defined as “the branch of philosophy concerned with evaluating human action… meaning character, customs, or habitual uses, ethics encompasses a process of determining right conduct from wrong.” (Guido, 2010, p. 3). Nurses are confronted with numerous ethical dilemmas that are intertwined with legal issues. Concepts of ethical and legal concepts are frequently interplayed and decisions between the two are often intricate. One must go through steps of the critical decision process and contemplation among the four lenses for the best solution. The four lenses include the Rights and Responsibility lens, the Results lens, the
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Concepts in the simulation jolt recalls of various scenarios in my workplace where ethical decision had to be made. Working in a long-term acute care facility, I encounter numerous patients who are unconscious or are pronounce medically incapable of making their own decisions. As a trusted health care professional, we are the patients’ voice who cannot speak for themselves. My second job I work as a supervisor for a convalescent hospital. Working in this modern day with very culturally diverse population as a supervisor I would need to set the tone for my organization. Legal, medical, and ethical ramifications are considered and carefully analyzed for situations in both of my jobs. Struggling with complex ethical decisions is frequent as nurses. The model in the ethics simulation game provides the importance of assessment needed by utilizing the four lenses. The most ethical decision is often not the easiest one to make. Ethics has personal value attached and varies upon each individual. Working for leaders who values ethics and staff who understands the same values is a must for the best outcome. Advocating for the patient at times means jumping through hoops. Setting our personal agenda and interest aside is a basic requirement as a healthcare professional. The team needs a leader that can assess a situation and use appropriate judgments to come up with the best solution. Medical, legal,

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