Ethics Case Study: CIMA And IMA Ethical Dilemma

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Based on CIMA and IMA Ethical Code, there are many issues in this scenario. Eddie Ethics the Head accountant of the cheap chips company, who has the institute of management Accountants and UK charted institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), tries to follow the ethical codes, but the President of the company and the Finance Director ignore these codes.
Eddie was given this opportunity to take these certificate by the cheap chips company. But the issue in here is that the president of company wants to take advantage of his credibility to purpose a false report to the State Environmental committee in Denver. They put his name on this report without his permission. Eddie tries to maintain an appropriate level of professional leadership explaining the consequences of this false report. He performs a professional duties by talking to the president of the cheap chips company. He has a good information about other companies and the financial situation of the next year. He also talks about the law and warned them that they will face legal action from supplying misleading information under oath.
But Mr. Fibs and Sam do not agree with him, moreover they insist to present that false report
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Or where exactly did this information come from?” Eddie tries to explain them that as a member of IMA they should act in accordance with standards principles. The president of cheap chips company in this case did not communicate professionally with Eddie, he tries to convince Eddie to be silent and let them to use his name and his IMA and CIMA certifications by bribing Eddie such as offering him new position and increasing his salary, and on the other way threatening him by reminding him that he is not a US citizen and he need their help to get

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