CIMA And IMA Ethical Dilemma Case Study

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Based on CIMA and IMA Ethical Code, there are many issues in this scenario. Eddie Ethics the Head accountant of the cheap chips company, who has the institute of management Accountants and UK charted institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), tries to follow the ethical codes, but the President of the company and the Finance Director ignore these codes.
Eddie was given this opportunity to take these certificate by the cheap chips company. But the issue in here is that the president of company wants to take advantage of his credibility to purpose a false report to the State Environmental committee in Denver. They put his name on this report without his permission. Eddie tries to maintain an appropriate level of professional leadership
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I will look for resolution by considering all risks involved and if there are any protection exist. Because the cheap Chips Company is a member of IMA and CIMA, I know that the company should follow the code based on the company policy.
I will review the report and correct any part that I believes that has false information. I will ask engineering department to give me information about updating the technology, also I would study myself to learn about the exact cost. After that, I would ask for a meeting with the company members who are responsible and I will discuss about the false report; I will explain all unethical behaviour in this case. I should consider consulting the company attorney to double check all risks of this report. I also talk to an attorney to learn about my legal obligation and rights.
I would not accept Mr Fibs offer, and I would not be afraid of losing my job or imagination rights. I would not agree to put my name and signature on that report.
I also will write a professional letter and explain all of unethical actions of company, and I will sent it to the Mr Fibs and Sam. I know that they helped me to get my Certificates, but it does not mean that I be agree with their unethical actions. I have to convince them to follow the rules and stay with standard codes of IMA and

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