Ethics and Legality in Classroom Management Essay

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Ethics and Legality in Classroom Management
Jordan Hollern

Ethics and Legality in Classroom Management A teacher must deal with disruptive classroom behavior throughout their career. To do so, they must not only develop their skills in handling these situations but also develop ethical standards for their classroom. These standards set forth by the teacher will help them deal with their students, those students’ parents, the school administrators and their community. There are numerous articles written that could help a teacher when researching any legal or ethical issues that may arise during their teaching career. This paper summarizes four
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In addition, many cities and school districts also have ordinances and policies that school officials should be aware of when disciplining students. For example, Milwaukee Public Schools have a written policy that lockers in schools are the property of the school and not individual students, and therefore school officials have greater freedom to conduct searches of lockers than they might in a school district without such an ordinance (Yell,, 2008). Educational personnel need to develop school-wide discipline plans and behavior support programs that define, teach, and reinforce appropriate behaviors while discouraging and reducing inappropriate behaviors (Yell,, 2008). School-wide discipline programs should focus on a positive, proactive, problem-solving model for promoting appropriate behavior and discouraging inappropriate behavior (Yell,, 2008). In doing this, schools and teachers can work together to provide students the safest education that they can provide. There have been many changing in the way that discipline has been issued to students and legal issues have been the driving force behind those changes. The days of students having the back of their hands rapped by a teachers ruler are now long gone because the rights of the students has expanded greatly. Educators today need to be aware of the legal issues that they may face if the improperly discipline their students. The rights and responsibilities are well discussed in

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