Essay on Ethics And Ethics Of Counseling

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Ethics in Counseling
Ethics is established in counseling to protect all those involved in the process, to ensure that confidentiality and the rights of the patient are upheld. The client welfare is really important The American Counseling Association (ACA) mandates that counselor promote the welfare of the clients and to avoid any harms towards the clients (Eriksen & Weld, 2007). The patient must give consent to all standards and services that will be provided. In the realm of ethics the act of counseling patients as well as the counselor have a different prerogative on what kind of counseling best suits a situation based on their beliefs, customs, and culture. Counseling is given to those that asked for assistance or those that are willing to openly admit their flaws or expose their weakness. In counseling a patient can endeavor new perspective about their emotions, behaviors or relationships. It serves as a process to help patient move forward in life from anything that has been holding them back emotionally or physically.
There are so many parameters that must be covered prior to any counseling session taking place, the counselor and the patient must recognize the do’s and don’ts of counseling and this all relies on the ethics of counseling. According to (Daniels, 2001) “There are several professional issues that counselors must consider when working in managed care environments. To address informed consent, the counselor must discuss with…

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