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Personal Responsibility
Quianna Watkins
April 7, 2013
Connie Amenta

Thesis Statement:
Personal responsibly can have numerous meanings depending on who ask. To me, personal and moral responsibility goes hand and hand. Personal responsibility means that I am going to live my life by setting standards, being accountable for my actions and behavior. Personal responsibility, in my opinion, is the key to being successful.

I. Explain why/how personal responsibilities and moral responsibilities are linked
Remembering the golden rule do on to others says we have them do to us. Ask yourself is this right or wrong, legal, honest, not hurting anyone feels hoping not to step on anyone toes along the way. That is way
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To touch on my thesis statement and the meaning of personal responsibly, how important personal responsibility relates to general success and academic success. To show how moral ethics go hand and hand in our everyday lives. I plan to be responsibly in my education so, that I can do what’s most important thing in life to me provide a better life for me and my family.
People have many different meanings for personal responsibility it simply means that we are in charge of our own destiny. Accepting responsibility for your own actions rather than looking around for somebody to blame. It's so much easier to blame bad outcomes on others. However, one must take charge of their actions and decisions. To me personal responsibility is taking control of your life. Without personal and moral responsibility there would be total disorder. Understanding honesty is the best policy in becoming successful this attribute helps to build as well as maintain working/personal relationships.

If you asked me life is all about making choices of what is right and wrong, being trustworthy keeping commitments. This is making your own decision and acting on them.
I am personally responsible for my own learning, being accountability for the outcome. Meaning one can only get out of course what you time we put into it. The instructor and the books along with training materials won’t benefit if I the student don’t

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