Essay on Ethical Theory : Ethical Theories

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In this paper I will discuss what I took in from the first month and a half of the Ethical Reasoning course. This paper explores how I previously made decisions up until now and how I plan to use the ethical theories which spoke to me to resolve dilemmas now. With the new knowledge of these ethical theories, I intend to use these theories on how to generate judgments when facing dilemmas. Prior to learning the concept of moral theories and what they were, I made decisions were similar to Act-Utilitarianism. After learning several ethical theories, the ones affecting me most are Ethical Egoism and Kantian Ethics – the information I absorbed during the course, I expect to have a change in mind when dealing with ethical dilemmas. Once attending Ethical Reasoning class, this paper will explore how I earlier made decisions to how I will reach outcomes from now on.
Formerly, I reached decisions comparable to what I can call Act-Utilitarianism; this theory is a minimal concept, requires easy understanding of the action but the response to the problem is intricate. This theory is the result of actions which depend merely on the comparative moral produced by the individual’s action. According to Bentham, the individual is morally right if the calculation in numbers produces as much happiness as any other action the individual could perform at any time; Act-Utilitarian looks at everyone’s happiness and factors how to weigh the possible consequences as a single action with a single…

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