Ethical Standards For Human Service Professionals Essay

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The Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals consists of six sections—(1) Responsibility to Clients, (2) Responsibility to the Public and Society, (3) Responsibility to Colleagues, (4) Responsibility to Employers, (5) Responsibility to the Profession, and (6) Responsibility to Self. These ethical standards provide the framework for the “codes and laws, workplace policies, cultural practices, credentialing boards, and personal beliefs”. These standards were adopted by the National Organization for Human Services in 2015 to provide guidance and rules to all members in human services. Responsibility to Clients is the first section and it consists of nine standards that are the ethical guidelines to the client-worker relationship. These standards reflect the respect, confidentiality, negotiation and recognition of the client’s right to self-determination and informed consent. Workers in the human service fields should respect the privacy of their clients, only reporting and submitting information that is needed for the services provided and refrain from improper relationships with the client. Standard 4 would be the hardest to uphold, because it is hard to know if the client is meaning what he is saying or not, and it would be difficult to know what to report and what to let go. This standard is the hardest to uphold, but it is also the most important standard in this section because someone in harm is not something to mess with and needs to be reported.…

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