Ethical Research Paper

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Personal Values and Ethical Standards Kiondra Lee
January 27, 2013 Kathleen Roberts

Personal Values and Ethical Standards
Before completing this paper, I have to make sure that I understand the difference between morals, values, and ethics. Values are something that we have learned from childhood. As a child we feed off the things our parents are doing as well as the influences of other adults surrounding us. Morals are believed to be the beliefs that we have developed based on the things that we value and how we feel that one should behave in any situation. Ethics is the way one behaves in a situation based on testing someone’s morals and values. Values are mainly
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I have learned most of my core values from people around me. Growing up without a father figure didn’t only make me a stronger person, but it made me a lovable person. Having that empty space made room for acceptance. As a little girl I have looked up to many people for guidance, I’m just thankful that they were good people. The one thing I really believe I need to work on as I enter into my career is feelings with acceptance, it’s like I have no problems with accepting people and things but It as if I have no feelings at all, and I think that comes from being hurt so much. I also believe that our behaviors were formed and not inherited.
Professional values and ethics is the way that we suppose to act and conduct ourselves as a professional. The rules help to determine what actions are right and wrong in one’s profession. Professional values are in place to tell professional about the things that are important, but ethics usually is use to help guide professional of what is considered to be right and wrong with any given professional values, which can impact your career success instantly. For human service providers their professional values and ethics can determine how the clients will be able to trust u as a professional with their personal business. Success can be determined in several ways when it comes to the working world. I feel like I will be a valuable contributor as a

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