Ethical Professional Practice Case Study

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Element 1: Under the following headings, outline aspects of ethical professional practice

Performance Criteria 1.1; 1.2; 1.3.

1.1: Aspects of professional practice are outlined consistently over time.

1.2: Outlined aspects are supported by at least two different sources of evidence.

1.3: Aspects are outlined in a variety of contexts, and must include client, colleagues, tutors, students, and supervisors.

Appropriate referral (250 words):

Referral directs us to get assistance and services from the suitable people. When I started out as a counselling student, my main sources of referral were my tutors. They encouraged me to seek supervision from a supervisor who was practicing similar modalities to the ones that were being taught
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The NZAC code of ethics shows the importance of ethical decision-making and that it is a critical part of the training and practice of professional counsellors. After going through the New Zealand code of ethics for counsellors, I found out the ethical principles of counselling are the expressions that proves to be the most definitive. The nine principles that form the foundation for ethical practice seems to be straightforward and support the idea of being a fair and competent counsellor. The core values of counselling are also more familiar for me as I have learnt about bioethics. ( Justice, Beneficence and …show more content…
Learning experiences can be shared and reflections can be made based on the experiences. It allows roughly gauge what effective therapy looks like.

Relevant interactions with supervisors:

Undergoing ongoing, regular supervision allows counsellors to debrief, discuss about difficult clients and address personal issues that arise when faced with a challenge or dilemma.

Element 2: Under the following headings, outline aspects of self-management consistent therapeutic practice:

Performance Criteria: 2.1; 2.2.

2.1: Aspects of self-management are outlined consistently over time.

2.2: Aspects of self-management are supported by two sources of evidence.

Outline how you have taken responsibility for your own learning (250 words):

Personal and professional growth helps to lead a more fulfilling and satisfying life. Throughout out the two years of doing counselling I have become more self aware and gained insights by being open and willing to explore and reflect my feelings, thoughts and actions. Aside from what was being taught at school, a lot of external reading and study had to be done to gain more knowledge about the counselling profession and industry. I had to put in the effort and rely on my ability to be an autodidact to a certain

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