Ethical Issues Arise When Working With Individuals Essay

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Proficient advisors routinely experience customers in an emergency regardless of what the work setting might be. Instructors working with customers in an emergency must deal with numerous undertakings; quickly evaluate a shaky circumstance, reacting in a clinically stable and moral way and guarantee the wellbeing of everybody included (Dupre, Echterling, Meixner, Anderson, & Kielty, 2014).
Ethical issues arise when working with individuals in a crisis. Confidentiality is a major ethical issue and may become even more difficult when dealing with a crisis. As the counselor, we want to protect our client’s information that is received during therapy. According to ACA, 2014, confidentiality can be breached when there is a disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to the client. When someone is in crisis breaching their confidential information should be made with careful consideration. Impairment is another ethical concern. As a counselor, one must monitor themselves for signs of impairment from their own physical. Mental, or emotional problems and refrain from offering service when in impaired. Crisis can cause burnout. As a counselor practicing self- awareness is critical to counseling in general but even more critical when dealing with a crisis. Client welfare is a third ethical issue relevant to working with individuals in crisis. Counselors must make sure at all times that their primary responsibility is the client. Counselors must keep records and…

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