Essay about Ethical Issue And Ethical Issues

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This paper will summarize a current event related to an ethical issue, and the ethical issue will be clearly identified. Then, ethical theory will be applied to show how to resolve the ethical issue. The descriptive, prescriptive, and applied aspects will also be identified in relation to the given ethical issue. The majority perspective and the consequences will be discussed in detail. Finally, the paper will discuss if the majority perspective would change in a different culture and, if so, why it would change. In this digital age, one major ethical concern is privacy. Currently, whether or not phone and other digital records should be tapped for police business is under debate. Naturally, there is an ethical conflict about whether obtaining people’s data for police work violates their right to privacy. In other words, since the data obtained could potentially save someone’s life, should the people in question have their privacy violated (Rozenburg, 2015)? In order to solve this issue, there are ethical theories that can be applied. For example, Kantianism has a categorical imperative. Kantianism states that, when testing whether or not a rule should be set in place, people need to ask themselves if they would want such a rule (or even a law) to be applied universally; that is, to everyone without exception (Van Camp, 2014). In this ethical situation, should everyone be subjected to a data search, if the circumstances of police work warrant it, even if it…

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