Code Of Ethics Case Study: Marcy R

Introduction of the case
Marcy R is a social worker at the BFL General Hospital. At this hospital, Marcy works primarily with cancer patients and their families. Marcy was assigned to Michael’s case. Michael is a frail 68-year-old man admitted to the hospital for a exploratory surgery of his abdomen. According to Michael’s physician, he is “emotionally labile.” After the surgery, Michael’s daughter, Ellen B, talked to Marcy regarding her father’s medical situation. Ellen informed Marcy that Michael’s physician reported that the surgery’s results showed that Michael has terminal cancer. Ellen said that the family was in shock because they did not expect that diagnosis. Ellen told Marcy that her family agreed not to inform Michael about his
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However, since Michael’s family does not agree, it is necessary to analyze the situation based on the information provided by the NASW Code of Ethics. The ethical principle included in the Code of Ethics (2008) mentions that, “social workers promote clients’ socially responsible self-determination. Social workers seek to enhance clients’ capacity and opportunity to change and to address their own needs (p.5).” Therefore, in order to follow this principle, it is important for Marcy to let Michael knows about his terminal cancer, so he can state what he wants and clarify his desires and goals. On the other hand, the NASW Code of Ethics also mentions the value of service. “As a social worker, your primary goal is to help people and address their problems” (AATBS, 2016, 3). Therefore, even though Marcy’s patient is Michael, Ellen is seeking for her help too. Thus, Marcy has to also provide the best service to all the people involved in the case and to fulfill their …show more content…
Michael has the right to control his life and express his desires. Telling Michael the truth is the most just option because even though his family disagrees, Michael deserves to be aware of his situation. As a social worker, Marcy 's duty is to take care of Michael 's well-being. Even though Marcy was being asked for help to keep the diagnosis as a secret, she has to focus on Michael and his best interests. It is understandable that his family does not want him to know because there are emotions involved. They are in shock, and they do not want Michael to suffer. The purpose of option one is to keep Michael away from a situation that may cause a lot of pain which it is totally understandable. By choosing this option, the family will be happy and Michael does not have to face his real condition. The family can keep the diagnosis as a secret, but they cannot change it, and at some point, Michael is going to ended up knowing what is going on with his health. Therefore, if Michael knows, he and his family can work as a team since the beginning and look for help in order to face the situation together. If I were Michael, I would prefer to know the situation, instead of my family trying to hide information. I would be mad at my family from trying to keep me away from the truth. If I know the truth, I would feel respected by the doctors

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