Ethical Dilemma Of Substance Abuse

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Register to read the introduction… Nicotine also increases the risk of miscarriage, retardation and stillbirth (Papalia 84). Drugs such as Marijuana, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine also can also lead to birth defects. One of the most common side effects of drug use is withdrawal. An individual experiences withdrawal when the individual chooses to stop an addictive substance that the body has chosen to rely on. (“Neonatal Abstinence…”). The unborn child can become addicted to the substances the mother had taken into her body just as she had. When the child is born he or she is no longer receiving the addictive substance from the mother and begins to show withdrawal symptoms such as crying, tremors, and in extreme cases death (“Neonatal Abstinence…”). An ethical dilemma presents itself when the correlation between an expectant mother’s drug use and the newborn’s health is drawn. The dilemma is as follows: Should pregnant women who have used harmful substances be held responsible for the health of the newborn …show more content…
The woman can choose to use these harmful substances while pregnant and show a total disregard to the growing bundle of cells in her uterus. The effects substance abuse has on any human being can be life threatening. The effect substance abuse has on a developing human can be even more detrimental. Substance abuse during pregnancy is a topic that is greatly debated. The rights of the newborn and the mother oppose each other. The debate will continue as long as the issues of women’s rights, the right of the unborn and the welfare of the new child are …show more content…
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