World Petroleum Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Many decisions needed to be made during the planning of World Petroleum’s business ideas in Afrinia. While the company has made it clear that their main goal is to be profitable for the shareholders, there were still moral aspects to every decision that needed to be made. To me the most important ethical dilemma is developing a moral compass for the company and sticking to it, for example: how to approach the difference in the northern (Banu) and southern (Abani) cultures, dealing with officials, and the environment. To begin with, the south is a much richer society that dominates all of the political power and has a higher standard of living. This causes friction between the two groups. It is important that fairness and equality is offered to the employees of World Petroleum. That means policies must be enacted to …show more content…
I do not believe that it is the moral obligation of World Petroleum to level the playing field for the Banu. There should be a test put in place to evaluate the intelligence, leadership, and aptitude of the applicants of a position. There should be the same requirements whether the applicant is Banu or Abani. For example, in today’s society there are affirmative action laws in our penitentiary hiring systems. The system is based off of points. An applicant takes a written test, a physical test, and then attends training. Points are assigned for every task completed as well as every question that is answered correctly. I would use this system, except for one part. If you are of black you can be hired with fewer points only because of the affirmative action laws. I do not believe that World Petroleum should partake in these reverse discriminatory acts. They are immoral and could also negatively affect the public’s opinion of how business is conducted within World

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