Ethical Dilemma In Critical Care Nursing Essay

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Nurses are often times in intellectually challenging environments that are often characterized by ethical concerns and dilemmas. These environments include clinicians, nurses, chaplains, case managers, and administrators who interact together in situations of enormous uncertainty. The purpose of this article is to enhance the nurses’ personal integrity and advocacy in ethical, systematic framework that evolved from the analyzing clinical ethical dilemmas, reasoning about the most ethically justifiable course of action, assessing the motivation and commitment of persons involved to enact the moral decision, and finally, evaluating the strength of will of those involved to be ethical practitioners. In hospitals, there are daily instances …show more content…
I think this should come first in evaluating any case. Like that of what was given in this article, the dilemma in critical care nursing where a twenty year old woman gave birth to a baby girl and was brought to the cardiac intensive care right after she suffered a heart failure. She needed a heart transplant and every round of doctors, she was exposed and they discussed the possibilities of her condition right in front of her which demoralizes her and made caused of her emotional distress that caused dyspnea. Seeing this, the nurses whose moral character is above, and their moral sensitiveness for the patient comes in, they defended her by stopping the doctors in what the nurses think are wrong. They placed themselves in hot waters in spite of the fact that the cardiologists are world known doctors, nothing stopped them from correcting them. They applied here, moral sensitivity, and by safeguarding the patient, used also the component of Rest, which are moral motivation, moral judgment and moral action. This is the kind of dilemma, which goes beyond ethical reasoning. The nurse has an obligation to safeguard the patient, to put the patient’s best interest before any other interests. Rest’s components are psychological tools when one is confused on what to do during dilemmas. The components of Rest values about life, family, friendship, work, knowledge, aesthetics, integrity, and

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