Essay on Ethical Awareness Inventory

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Ethics Awareness Inventory

Ethics Awareness Inventory
Individual, corporate, and educational success relies largely on a person’s ability to make valuable and ethical professional decisions. The differences in ethical and moral characteristics can have positive or disastrous effects on careers and personal lives. In this paper the importance of understanding personal ethical perspective and the relationship between personal and professional ethics in psychology will be discussed.
According to Mulcahy (2011), the Ethics Awareness Inventory Core is a philosophical study of moral values based on assumptions of what is determined to be right and wrong. The acronym for Core means Character, Obligation, Results, and
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These values serve as an internal compass guiding them to what they think is important and therefore valuable. These values influence the way one live his or her life and what one like or dislike. Depending on how a person perceives his or her character and surroundings it may also influence career choices.
Professional integrity has a close relationship with the individuals’ values. Decisions made by people daily, such as to be on time for work, and complete tasks to the best of their abilities are just a few examples of integrity. Personality is often influenced by professional values. The ethical value or scruples of an individual directly will influence the professional integrity that he or she possesses. For example, a successful manager chooses the values that are the most important for him or she and the employees see those values every day at work. Individuals who can exhibit ethical behavior have a powerful influence on others (Business Ethics, 2008).
Personal ethics depends on the individual background and life experiences whereas professional ethics are based on the requirements of the profession (Business Ethics, 2008). Professional ethics are often more specific than personal ethics. For example, professional ethics provide specific instructions on how to respond to certain situations, such as confidentiality between a psychologist and his client. While professional and personal ethics can differ dramatically, each has an influence on the

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