Ethical And Ethical Issues Within Psychology Essay

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Ethics are moral principles and standards of conduct that differentiate between the right and wrong of a person’s behaviour (Cardwell and Flanagan, 2005). Ethical issues are a huge concern within psychology as most psychological research is carried out on human participants. The need for a distinct and direct set of guidelines for research psychologists led to the development of the ethical principles that underlie all psychological research today. Different professional organisations of psychologists have drawn up different set of guidelines or principles. Examples are American Psychological Association (APA) and British Psychological Society (BPS) whose guidelines state that psychologists must respect the rights and dignity of each research participant when carrying out their work (Cardwell et al., 2003). This essay will cover three ethical issues within psychology to include; deception, informed consent and protection of participants.

The first ethical issue is deception, honesty is a basic moral and ethical principle, and those participants who agree to take part in psychological research will usually expect to be given full and honest information of what the research involves before they take part (Eysenck, 2012). Deception is when the researcher suppresses information or misleads their participants about the aims of the investigation. If a researcher deceives their participants, they may also remove the ability for that participant to give their full informed consent…

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