Final Cosmic Analysis: The Simple Principles

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• THE ETERNAL “TRIUNE PRINCIPLE” IMPLIES THAT EACH ‘LIVING UNIT’ IS COMPRISED OF THE ETERNAL ‘I’ - THE HIGHEST INNERMOST CORE SENSE OF INDIVIDUAL IDENTITY, THE ETERNAL ‘CREATIVE POWER’ or THE INDIVIDUAL ABILITIES TO ATTRACT & REPEL ENERGIES, AND TEMPORAL or ‘THE CREATED’ PART – “that is its Experiences or ‘Day-Consciousness’.” ‘THE CREATED’ manifests the particular logical combination of ETERNAL ‘Basic Energies’ of the Universe. (Quote from book # , ‘The Fate of Mankind’, chapter #16)
• However, these Three Principles are INSEPARABLE, UNSHAKABLE and UNDIVIDABLE. ”As they each express a specific principle, the ‘Cosmic Analysis’ of the ‘Living Being’ is expressed as "a Triune Principle". Life would certainly
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‘Outside’ the ‘Principle of Perspective’ or ‘Creative Power’, the ‘I’ is without contrast and therefore beyond sensing, including the ‘Cosmic Sensing’. Crucially, the ‘I’ CANNOT ‘SEE’ ITSELF! The ‘I’ represents ‘THE WHOLENESS’, where All THE CONTRASTS in Life EXISTS, but ‘CANCEL’ each other creating the impression of ‘NOTHING’. For instance, ‘-7’cancels ‘+7’, ‘hot’ cancels ‘cold’, ‘darkness’ cancels ‘light’ etc. “The ‘I’, or this invisible "Something" behind every ‘Organism’, underlying all forms or objects, is the deepest cause of everything that can be sensed, experienced or manifested. Without this "Something", without an ‘I’, all would be lifeless, all stillness; all would, in fact, be nothing. Matter without an ‘I’ is, then, just nothing, just as the ‘I’ in the same way, is actually nothing without matter. … through movements and creative processes in the matter, we are able to substantiate the existence of the ‘I’.” Those movements in a matter are planned and LOGICAL indicating the Presence of ‘CONSCIOUSNESS’ or Ability to Create and Experience. IF the ‘I’ would be as matter - moving and vibrating - then it would be accessible to the sensing. However, the ‘I’ represents THE ‘ABSOLUTE STILLNESS,’ and therefore IT CANNOT create a reaction in the senses which would be equal to the experience. (Quotes from ‘Livets Bog’ Vol II, chapter …show more content…
For instance, ‘I’ generates, regulates and controls THOUGHTS – Can Stop them by Will. What stops, for instance, ‘roller costing thoughts of day’ from ‘popping up’ into ‘Day-Consciousness’, and preventing the ‘exposed’ from rest or sleep immediately after coming home from work, when one is really tired and want to relax? The answer is, that one’s ‘I’. Needless to mention, the ‘man –made’ science is in ‘deep darkness’ regarding this subject but does not stop producing an immense

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