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DeLonghi EC 850M Espresso Machine Review 2018
DeLonghi has been around for a while and offers you an extensive range of coffee machines. We wanted to share our experience with the DeLonghi EC 850M Espresso Machine with you. The coffee makers packed with technology and have a great design. Sit back have a cuppa and enjoy reading the full test results of this Espresso Machine.
The Size
If you prefer finding out the important information about the EC 850M model without reading the test results – here is our feelings in short about the DeLonghi. Advantages:
• Included automatic cappuccino system
• Good design
• Simple preparation at the touch of a button
• High-quality equipment
• Prepare one or two cups at the same time
• Power saving function
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The selling price at Amazon is under 300 Euros. Compared to the EC 680M that costs 100 Euros more the EC 850M has a modest price.
What’s in the high-quality stainless steel case of the DeLonghi EC 850M? The first thing you notice is the 0.5-liter milk tank. Furthermore, it has a built-in cappuccino system. This means you can make more than just espresso to tickle your taste buds.
With the touch of one button compared to the EC 680M, you can have a cappuccino ready in no time. There is a removable water tank for easier filling and holds one liter of water. From here, the water heats up and pressed through the portafilter at a constant pressure of 15 bars.
This is an ideal pressure to prepare espresso. Included you receive filters for one and two cups of coffee powder as well as a pick-up for ESE espresso pods (Easy Serving Espresso). This offers you a versatile use of using coffee powder, coffee pods, or ground beans. Included you receive a tamper made from plastic to use with the coffee
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For some of you this might not fall into your taste, but in our opinion fits well into the kitchen. It is made of stainless steel and offers many smooth surfaces with its box-shaped, edgy design.
The control buttons on the front look decent compared to the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. In addition, there is also a pressure indicator on the front. This is an important feature to have when it comes to preparing a delicious espresso. The right temperature and pressure determine the delectable taste when using coffee powder.
With its dimensions of 23 x 26.5 x 34-cm, the Lelit PL 41 EM places itself in the midrange section in our espresso machine test. It is significantly larger than the test winner is, the DeLonghi EC 680M, but smaller than the DeLonghi EC 850M and somewhat compact compared to the Rancilio Silvia.
For the design, the Lelit PL 41 EM is impressive.
In addition to the espresso machine itself, the delivery includes a filter holder, dual spout portafilter, two filter baskets one that holds 7 grams and a two-cup one that holds 14 grams. Extra you receive a pod filter basket to use with E.S.E pods, a cheap tamper, and coffee

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