Essay On Urban Sprawl

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Some people say that there is a difference between urban and suburban sprawl. Mrs. Lowry states that urban and suburban sprawl is the same thing as urban sprawl is people leaving the cities for housing options that allow them to spread out more but still close enough to the city to work. This is exactly was suburban sprawl is. However, suburban areas encourage more commuting as it takes longer to get from place to place, which increases gas emissions, and using farmlands as land for new housing developments which cuts down on land for crops to be grown. In earlier decades poor planning lead to overuse of the land and separate land zones that causes population to be more spread out. Urban and suburban regions are both beginning to try to create …show more content…
Meacci. Procedures for new developers are set so that they must follow the standards and create a more efficient development that does not cause any negative impacts on the city itself. In Charlotte, North Carolina, there are plans to shift urban living to a better system by using multi-modal transportation that can connect urban center together. This makes it easier for residents to get from one place to another without the use of a mode of transportation that ultimately harms the environment. This system also cuts down on noise pollution and traffic which will benefit the quality and standard of living in the city.
Urbanization can be caused by many different factors and can generate various impacts, both negative and positive, in the surrounding world and the people within a city. Only recently have people and countries begun to try to stop the harmful effects of urbanization and create a sustainable and green future. If cities will continue to ensure that the new development are sustainable and efficient, and try their best to stop sprawl, then urbanization can become only a good impact on the world we live in

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