Essay On The Yellow Brick Road In The Wizard Of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz by Victor Fleming is a source of values to kids in the 90s generation. The film is about a young orphan girl named Dorothy Gale who lives with her Aunt Em and Uncle
Henry in the middle of nowhere in Kansas. Dorothy dreams to go “over the rainbow” after her nasty neighbor, Miss Gulch, hits Dorothy’s dog Toto causing Toto to bite her. Moments after,
Miss Gulch shows up with an order from the sheriff to put her dog down because of the said incident. Escaping Toto runs back to Dorothy then decides to leave the farm. On her way, she meets a wandering phony fortune teller, Professor Marvel, who immediately predicts that
Dorothy has run away. Faking to read her fortune and wishing Dorothy to be with her Aunt, he tells her Aunt Em
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With the above mentioned motifs, I am going to analyze the significance of the yellow brick road as a motif in the film The Wizard of Oz by Victor Fleming (1939).
The yellow brick road is one of the most interesting motifs I found in the movie. Not because it directs the story where it’s going but rather, the twists and scenes every time Dorothy steps off of it. Young Gale was introduced to the yellow brick road when she wanted to look for the Wizard and head to Emerald City but along the way, she saw the Scarecrow and by the time she steps on the Scarecrow’s area, they were both introduced to each other and a problem gets raised (in this case the Scarecrow wants to have a brain). In the next stop, she went off the road again by checking out the apples and the apple trees gone wild and started to attack them and led them to get introduced to the Tin Man and spilled him some oil to get him moving and said that his only wish is for him to have a heart. Then, the three of them were in the middle of

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