The Pantheon

The pantheon was first built by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa under the commission of emperor Augustus in 27 B.C. The word pantheon derives from the Greek words pan which means for al or very and theos for god. It was later burned down in the great fire in the year of 80 A.D and rebuilt again by emperor Domitian. Later, it was struck by lightning and burned again in the year in 110 A.D. in which was later rebuilt in 120 A.D. by Emperor Hadrian. The word pantheon come from a Greek word meaning “honor of all Gods”, in which the pantheon was first built as a temple to all gods that corresponded to each planet. The original pantheon was actually facing south and not north in its current position. In front of the temple there are in scriptures in which …show more content…
Sensibly, the church preserved it, consecrating it on May 13, 609 when it was given to pope Boniface and yet the Pantheon is still now a place of worship. Later it was turned into a memorial chapel for the kings of Italy in 1870 in which the tombs of Vittorio Emanuele II, Umberto I, and Margherita of savoy and as well the famous renaissance painter Raphael and his fiancée Maria Bibbiena are buried in the pantheon. During the renaissance era, it became very popular to bury both famous architects and artists inside the pantheon. There are seven sculptures that represent the roman gods that correspond to each planet Jupiter, juno, Minerva, vesta, ceres, Diana, Venus, mars, mercurius, neptunus, volcanus, and Apollo. In the year 1500, pope urban VIII made an addition to the pantheon by implying two bell towers in which were designed by Bernini but were removed in the year 1883 after the pantheon gained its nickname of “donkey ears”. The pantheon is now a Christian church and is called St. Mary of the martyrs and was one of the first temples to be converted to a Christian temple and is dedicated to the virgin Mary and all the other martyrs in which the main altar of the church is opposite the entrance, and the original 7th-century icon of the Madonna and Child can be seen above

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