Women In Classical Rome

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Female Force in Classical Rome Throughout much of history women are seen to be caretakers and wives. Their main role was to bear children, take care of the households, and cater to the needs of men. This is true for many societies and even holds true for Classical Rome. Women could not hold a public office, vote or even serve in the military. Even though woman in Rome lacked the same rights as men, they did have an impact on Roman culture and society. Women were able to influence politics through their family or husbands, in roman religion they could become a priest and women were able to contribute in business by owning land.
In Rome, women could not participate in politics and they were looked down upon if they tried. Nonetheless, women were still able to be active
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For example Eumachia was a Roman woman who lived in Pompeii. She inherited much wealth from her father and his brick building business. Eumachia used the brick building business to construct a building of her own that she then dedicated to Concordia Augusta and Pietas. Many women also had other businesses such as clothing making, hairdressing, and even lamp making. Women who owned businesses and participated in business transactions served as an inspiration to many other females in Rome. They showed young girls and older woman that even though they couldn’t directly participate in politics they could still have an influence on the society of ancient Rome. Women were extremely important to the Roman Empire. They had an immense impact on Roman society even though they were not regarded as equal to men. Woman helped to shape and change politics and changed religion by becoming priestesses themselves. They also strengthened the Roman civilization by participating in business and owning land. The Roman Empire would have been a very different place without the significant influences that women had on both culture and

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