Essay On The Creation And Advancement Of Medicine

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The first safe and effective medicine created was aspirin, introduced in 1899 (Buzzeo). The creation of the first pain-killer was the first step to becoming a drug-obsessed society. Everyone saw how well it worked; consequently, throughout the 1900’s several new drugs were created and introduced, promising to be safe and effective, just like the original aspirin. As more and more pills were created, people were convinced every problem they had was one pill away from being non-existent. Well, these people were right: the pills did work most of the time and had a great benefit on our society. The creation and advancement of medicine has helped humans feel better and live longer. "Life expectancy has been increasing pretty steadily for the last …show more content…
Part of the blame can be put on the individual. We live in a country revolved around doing everything “the fastest” or “the easiest” way. Many people in the U.S. could identify with the demands of life for one individual: working a full time job, taking care of their children, volunteering, cooking supper, and getting sleep at night. We do not want to take time off--actually, we do not have the time to take a day off. This is why people turn to prescription drugs for a “quick fix” to their problems. An individual takes a couple tylenol for their headache, so they can still go to work; they have mild heartburn, so they get a prescription drug to ensure they feel well every day. What these people don’t realize is it’s not necessarily better to just pop some pills for a “quick fix”; there can be serious complications. People also tend to over medicate because it is the “easy” way out. There are some prescription drugs that truly save people’s lives; however, there are also several prescriptions that can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle. If people would take the time to exercise daily and eat healthy, many medications could be prevented. Conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can often be prevented by a healthy lifestyle, but many people are too lazy and would rather just go on prescription drugs. I guess it is easier to just take your pills each day than it is to exercise for an hour each day. But that is the problem, like many other instances in life, the easiest way is not always the best

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