Essay On Teen Suicide

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Teen suicide has become a huge problem in the world today due to depression and bullying. Surprisingly, “More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, combined. . . . Countless innocent teenagers have taken their lives because they felt as if they did not deserve a place in this world, and unfortunately suicide is a common way that teenagers die. . . . Suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages ten to twenty-four” (“Youth”). In addition, steps must to be taken in order to show these teenagers that there are multiple reasons why they deserve to live in this world. Everyone deserves a life and no one should feel as if they …show more content…
Sadly, friends and family often do not realize that the teen is becoming suicidal. In addition, many parents say, “My child is just going through a phase,” or, “My child is just acting out for attention.” This attitude is the difference between life and death because, “Four out of five teens who attempt suicide have given clear warning signs” (“Youth”). One behavior to recognize is if the teen tends to express death or dying often. If a teen begins to express thoughts about wanting to die, then take it seriously and find the teen help. For example, many teens express dying and no one believes them, then when teens take their own life, many people wonder why they did not realize the symptoms sooner. Another behavior to recognize is changes in the teen’s every day habits. Many depressed or suicidal teens tend to change how they live their everyday lives, such as: eating habits, social ability, many teens even start skipping school and acting out. Parents must pay more attention to these changes and get their teen help if they want to save his or her life. In addition, many teens also change their mood very often. For example, when teens start feeling depressed or suicidal, their mood starts altering. For instance, many teens become very angry and aggressive towards their parents or peers. Mood swings are a huge way to recognize suicidal behavior because when teens start acting out, they are …show more content…
Bullying plays an enormous role in teen suicide. If teens are bullied every single day, there may come a point where enough is enough. For example, many normal teens tend move schools or start standing up to the bullies if they feel threatened; however, depressed or suicidal teens are not like normal teens. For instance, when a depressed teen is bullied long enough, that teen may feel as if there is no way out. When depressed teens feel hopeless, they think that taking their own life is the only way for the bullying to stop. This is where punishment comes into place. When a parent, friend, teacher, or anyone in society sees a teen being bullied, the bully must be reported. One way that a bully can be punished is by expelling the bully from school. If a teenager is making another teenager’s life so unbearable to the point where the teen wants to commit suicide, the bully should be expelled from school. Although the bully is still out in the world, the depressed teen may start to feel safer in school. Another way that a bully can be punished is by confiscating his or her phone. Much of the bullying happens through social media or through text messages. If a person is caught bullying another teen through a cell phone, then the cell phone should be taken away from the bully because people should not own a phone if they are going to make someone else’s life miserable by using it. A final way to

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